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HCPS is short for The Hawai'i Content and Performance Standards, and General Learner Outcomes (GLO's). Basically HCPS are the Standards by which curriculum is developed, and the core content of what your teen is being taught and is expected to learn.  A national standard is being developed, but currently Hawaii public schools follow the standards defined in HCPS III.

What is Standards-Based Education?
Did you know that earning a high school diploma in the state of Hawai'i is based on a student attaining proficiency in course content and meeting performance standards?

First, three terms defined...standards, benchmarks and general learner outcomes.

Standards... are statements about learning expectations for students.
Content Standards define what students need to know and be able to do in nine content areas:
• Language Arts
• Mathematics
• Science
• Social Studies
• Career and; Technical Education (CTE)
• Fine Arts (Music, Art)
• Health
• Physical Education
• World Languages

Benchmarks... give specific grade level and course targets.

General Learner Outcomes...
are the essential goals of standards-based learning for students in all grade levels. They are:
• Self-Directed Learner: Ability to be responsible for one’s own learning.
• Community Contributor: Ability to work together.
• Complex Thinker: Ability to demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving strategies.
• Quality Producer: Ability to recognize and produce quality performance and quality products.
• Effective Communicator: Ability to communicate effectively.
• Effective and Ethical User of Technology: Ability to use a variety of technologies effectively and ethically.
So basically:  Content Standards,  Benchmarks and  General Learner Outcomes give clear targets for learning...

Next there is 'Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction', which are based on the 'Content Standards', as detailed above. So in the DOE we talk about "standards-based curriculum" and "standards-based assessment. What does this mean?

Standards-Based Curriculum consists of lessons and activities.
• Curriculum includes resources (time, funds, instructional materials, educational programs and services) and strategies that match learning targets and increase student learning.

Standards-Based Assessments and Rubrics describe how well students are learning.
• Assessments give evidence of learning through student work.
• Rubrics describe the quality of the student work.

Standards-Based Instruction provides many varied opportunities for students to learn and demonstrate learning.
• Instruction involves students as critical partners in their learning.
• Teachers believe that all students can learn to meet challenging expectations.

Performance Standards'
• Examples of good work are posted.
• Comments explain why the work is good.

The content from this page is from the HCPS Parent Information Brochure, published by the State of Hawaii, Department of Education. The PCNC facilitator is available to all parents/guardians to go over any of the following information and can assist you in connecting with your child's counselor, teachers or school administrators if there are further concerns or questions. Please find contact information for the Kapaa High PCNC at the top of this blog's main page.